Our medical center is happy to offer ED treatment methods like Trimix, Shock Wave Therapy, ED Medication, and hormonal treatment.

Have you ever experienced the inability to gain or hold an erection? Probably you’ve got Erectile dysfunction (ED). This condition is defined as the persistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection that is firm enough to have sexual intercourse.

If you think you may have ED, don’t be embarrassed to see a doctor and start the treatment, we are happy to help. Most cases of ED can be treated or even completely cured.

What causes ED?

The causes of erectile dysfunction can be as follows:

  • lifestyle choices (smoking, excessive alcohol, obesity, lack of exercise);
  • diabetes;
  • medications (blood pressure, antidepressants);
  • cardiovascular disease (high blood pressure, heart disease);
  • hormone problems;
  • prostate cancer treatment;
  • surgery (prostate, bladder, colon);
  • spinal cord injuries.

ED Treatment Methods

Our medical center is happy to offer the following types of erectile dysfunction treatment:


Trimix is an injectable prescription medication used to treat erectile dysfunction. The active ingredients in the three-drug mixture are alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine.

Trimix causes an increase in blood flow to the penis thereby allowing an erection to occur. Trimix delivers a reliable one-hour erection within minutes once the correct dosage is calibrated.

The vasoactive injection is administered via self-injection in the side of the penis.

The injection usually takes effect within about 5-15 minutes, unlike pills such as Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra, which can take an hour or longer to take effect.

Men will be able to easily inject themselves at home prior to sexual activity.

Who can use Trimix?

Trimix can be used alongside other ED treatments for short term results.

Our Trimix program is open to first-time patients as well as men already pursuing other treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Trimix injections do not conflict with PRP or Shockwave treatment programs, so men are free to use Trimix for a reliable erection even as they pursue other, long-lasting, treatment options.

For some men, Trimix injections are a good long-term solution. For others, Trimix may be a temporary method to permit intimacy.

Penile injection with Trimix is a well-tolerated and effective way for men with erectile dysfunction to obtain an erection. Men with erectile dysfunction have been using injection therapy (Trimix and similar products) for over 20 years.

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Shock Wave Therapy

Shock waves are audible low-intensity sound waves. In the medical world, shock waves have been used successfully for the treatment of various medical conditions since around 1980.

For example, shock waves are used in orthopedics for the treatment of painful insertional tendinopathies and non-healing bone fractures.

In urology, they are used to disintegrate kidney stones and to treat vascular erectile dysfunction (since 2010). Depending on the area of application, low-energy or high-energy shock waves are applied.

Shock wave therapy is a non-invasive treatment option. During treatment, low-intensity shock waves are applied to different treatment areas.

The shock waves are generated outside of the body (»extracorporeally«) in a therapy system and then travel through the patient‘s skin into the tissue. This is why the method is called extracorporeal shock wave therapy or ESWT.

A major advantage of this innovative treatment option is the fact that it has virtually no risks or side effects. The therapy with shock waves is simple and no anesthesia is required.

ED Pills

Pills are the most common treatment for ED. Sildenafil (Viagra), vardenafil (Levitra), tadalafil (Cialis), and avanafil (Stendra) work by making muscles in the penis relax. Then more blood flows in.

ED pills do not cause erections by themselves. A man must also be sexually excited. The erection-helping effects of ED pills last about 4 hours with sildenafil and vardenafil and 36 hours with tadalafil.

You should not borrow these drugs from friends or buy them online. They should only be taken with a health care provider’s knowledge and oversight.

Some men should never take ED pills. These include men who should not have sex for medical reasons and men who take certain drugs or have certain medical problems.

The most common side effects of the ED pills are headache, flushing, upset stomach, vision changes, and erections that last longer than 4 hours. However, these effects are not compulsory and happen just occasionally.

Hormone Replacement Therapies

If the cause of your erectile dysfunction is testosterone deficiency, we are happy to offer the overall diagnostics of a qualified thyroid specialist and proper lab evaluation to see if a testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) cycle can be prescribed. To learn more about TRT please go here.

Exosome Therapy for ED

Exosome therapy incorporates these vital intracellular messengers to rejuvenate aging tissue. It is a cutting-edge treatment for ED and before you resolve to start receiving the therapy, this should be discussed with a doctor. Because exosomes are noncellular vesicles, there is no risk of rejection from the procedure.

If you are interested in getting a free consultation concerning any of the ED treatment methods or want to learn more about the procedures, their results, and, probably, risks, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by filling out this contact form.

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