Exosome therapy is used in conjunction with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to restore healthy blood flow to the penis.

For many men, living with erectile dysfunction (ED) means struggling with their self-confidence and feeling emasculated. While suffering from ED may be out of your control, how you choose to live with it is not.

We believe in using restorative and natural treatments to help our patients overcome their ED and live a happy, healthy life. Using cutting-edge treatments like exosome therapy, we can target the underlying issues at the source of your symptoms for lasting, satisfying results.

What are Exosomes?

Stem cells frequently interact with exosomes to regenerate tissue and heal the body from injury. Studies have shown that exposing older cells to young exosomes that are equipped with information from stem cells helps reprogram the older cells in a way that facilitates healing.

Exosome therapy incorporates these vital intracellular messengers to rejuvenate aging tissue. During an exosome therapy procedure, exosomes prepared from mesenchymal stem cells in a lab are injected into the body to regenerate cells and accelerate healing.

For patients with ED, exosome therapy is used in conjunction with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to restore healthy blood flow to the penis.

How is the procedure provided?

At the start of your exosome therapy procedure, we will first draw blood to create the potent PRP serum. Numbing cream is then applied to the penis to ensure a comfortable and pain-free procedure. Once you have been numbed, the exosomes will be injected into the penis alongside the PRP to begin the rejuvenation process.

The aging cells will receive the stored information from the exosomes to begin the reprogramming process, while the PRP works to increase blood flow.

The combination of the growth factors and nutrients from the PRP in conjunction with the stored stem cell information from the exosomes creates a powerful and comprehensive treatment that restores function to the penis.

Am I a good candidate for Exosome Therapy?

Exosome therapy is a cutting-edge treatment for ED and may not be right for every patient. Because exosomes are noncellular vesicles, there is no risk of rejection from the procedure.

Exosome therapy is safe and healthy for the majority of patients. In general, patients can enjoy results from a single procedure, although multiple appointments may be necessary for certain patients.

Ideal candidates for exosome therapy are men with ED who are in good health, do not smoke, and have realistic expectations about their results.

A doctor will evaluate your symptoms and your concerns with you during your consultation to ensure exosome therapy is right for you.

Because we combine PRP with our exosome treatments, exosome therapy shares some of the same contraindications as PRP therapy, such as immunosuppression disorders, chronic liver disease, certain medication use, local infections, and recent fever or illness.

What kind of results can I expect?

Exosome therapy is a long-term regenerative treatment option that heals the body from the inside out. The reprogramming of cells induced by the exosomes occurs over the span of six to 10 weeks. Similarly, the benefits of the PRP injections take effect after about 12 weeks.

You can expect to experience the full benefits of your exosome treatment in about three to four months, although results may be noticeable before then. Most patients enjoy their results for about one year, at which point a follow-up maintenance treatment can be performed.

The healing benefits of exosome therapy restore healthy circulation to the penis and vastly improve the symptoms of ED. Men who undergo exosome therapy can enjoy more frequent erections that last longer and feel more satisfying.

Combining exosomes with PRP therapy magnifies the effects of the PRP to a higher level than performing PRP therapy on its own. At our clinic, we will work with you hand-in-hand to deliver treatment that addresses all of your unique needs.

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